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Beginners Course.

Duration: 8 weeks.
Grade achieved: Novice

This basic course covers those basics that were common knowledge to many in the past. Through this course one will become familiar with the parts of the sword, footwork and movement, the basic guards, how to make a simple strike and the techniques that form the foundation of the English Longsword Tradition.

Open Sessions

Duration: On going
Grade achieved: Free Scholar, Provost and Senior Provost.

Having achieved the rank of Scholar students will go on to train alongside others more adept in the art. They will begin to learn the “plays” that provide the true art of Ledall’s work and teach how to control and manipulate an opponent with the structure of the ‘fight’. Grading will take place on an individual basis dependant upon the students knowledge and understanding of the system.

Novice Course

Duration: 6 months
Grade achieved: Scholar

Having completed the ‘Beginners Course’ students will then go on to learn the individual techniques that appear in Ledall’s teachings. Students will also start to engage in free play to enable them to test what they are learning under pressure.

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