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Pebble Forge, North Cowton, Northallerton, North Yorkshire
Tel: 01325 378 696, Mobile: 07850 816 701,
WebMaster: Steve Thurston

Fight Master Steve Thurston

Dragonís Tayle was founded in September 2008 by Master Steve Thurston as a continuation of his academic research into interpersonal violence in archaeologically.

Through his research Steve has been able to establish that England, and indeed all of Europe, had a complex martial arts tradition, the knowledge of which was widely spread across many levels of Medieval society.

To further understand the extent and significance of this martial art Steve has been examining the skeletons from battlefield mass grave and British Libraries Additional Manuscript 39564, now more generally referred to as the Ledall manuscript.

Prior to establishing himself as Europeís only instructor of this martial arts tradition Steve was involved in teaching theatrical combat systems for over 15 years. He has also been involved Historical Interpretation and Experimental Archaeology for many years.

To spread the knowledge of Englandís own martial art Master Steve Thurston has designed a structured series of courses that will guide students through the basic principles and techniques that would have been familiar to the warriors of Medieval England.