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About Dragon’s tayle

Deep in the shelving of the British Library lies a scroll of parchment, worn with age and written in cryptic language, the writer unknown except for his signature as ‘J. Ledall.‘. These 16th century writings are a combination of drills, attacks and counters for the use with the ‘longsword’, the weapon of the warrior elite of Europe.

Master Thurston has spent years interpreting these cryptic writings. Cross referencing them with manuals written by other Masters of the day, comparing his findings with skeletons from battlefields from the same period and practical application. Through this work Master Thurston has been able to decipher their meanings and produce a fully functional martial art.

This ancient tradition draws upon England's historical diversity, incorporating aspects of both Italian and German fencing to create a system that made the English soldiery one of the most sort after commodities of Medieval European warfare.

For the first time in over 400 years this English longsword tradition is now being practised again under the instruction of Master Thurston. Taking the name of one of the secret techniques ‘Dragon’s Tayle’ aims to bring England’s martial heritage to it’s present and diverse culture.

This is done through this through a fun and invigorating environment which is open to all members of our communities.

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